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Urgent! Do You Need Emergency Plumbing Services in Big Bear, CA?

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The reality is, a plumbing emergency can happen to any homeowner at any time. Plumbing problems never come at convenient times. The problem could be impossible to hide, or it could put your personal belongings at risk of being seriously damaged.

Of course, if you discover something like a leaky faucet or a dripping pipe underneath a sink, you may want to turn the water shut-off valve for that particular fixture for now. But other times, there’s another big problem, like a burst water heater line or a serious leak in your basement, which would require immediate attention from a plumbing professional.


A lot of plumbing elements can survive for many years, but natural wear and tear affect them all. Hence, nearly all homeowners will encounter a plumbing emergency at some point. When it happens, searching for a solution can be quite frustrating. This is usually the best time to get a plumber as soon as possible!


What to Do in A Plumbing Emergency in Big Bear

Occasionally, gaining control of a situation is necessary to prevent damage to your home and avoid unwarranted cleanup. It is important to know where the water shut–off valves are located so you can turn off the water supply in case of a leak. Keep a plunger on hand for clogs, but understand that this may not always remedy the issue.

Having emergency plumbers near you in Big Bear, CA, and the surrounding areas can provide significant benefits. You can rest assured that you can always get assistance no matter when the emergency happens. All you need to do is call.


Some of The Most Common Plumbing Emergencies in Big Bear

Although there are a lot of plumbing problems that can’t wait for scheduled service as they may require immediate attention, knowing when to call a plumber and when to wait is crucial. Here are some emergency plumbing issues you typically need to take care of immediately to prevent further damage.


When there is a Risk of Flooding

During flood situations in your home, your property is prone to damage every second the flood is not attended to. If there are harmful bacteria in the floodwater, then it additionally becomes a safety concern. There are quite some ways that flooding can occur. They are sewer backup, an overflowing toilet, a burst pipe, a sump pump failing, a malfunctioning washing machine, or a failing water heater. For all these, there is no better time to call an emergency plumber than immediately.


Overflowing Toilet

A clogged toilet is a nuisance, but an overflowing toilet qualifies as an emergency. An overflowing toilet is one of those things that can send you into a panic as you can’t quickly resolve the issue with a plunger. You don’t want to unintentionally drive the blockage further into the toilet or sabotage the pipe.

The cause of an overflowing toilet could be pretty straightforward or a sign of a more significant plumbing problem. While waiting for the plumber’s arrival, shut off the water to the toilet, and don’t try to flush or unclog it on your own.


Burst Pipe

Water pipes crack irrespective of their material – steel, copper, or plastic. When these pipes burst, they can generate over 400 liters of water daily, which is around 2 full baths an hour. This can cause a substantial amount of property damage. You should know that the cracks in the pipe occur when the joint in your pipe system becomes overloaded and breaks.

When you identify a burst pipe, shut off your electricity and water at the mains. For the moment, you can help by clearing the flooded area as quickly as possible to minimize the damage. Standing water will degrade the structure inside your walls and allow mold and mildew to form. After salvaging the most property that you can, immediately call for emergency plumbing services.

Burst pipes can also be more subtle and show signs such as:

  • Bubbling noises
  • Damp walls
  • Banging or clanking
  • Unpleasant odors


Multiple Clogged Drains

If your water does not bubble as it goes down or your sink isn’t draining, your drains are blocked. Clogged drains stop you from being able to use that particular plumbing fixture, and this can be disturbing. If just one drain is clogged, you can simply relieve it with a plunger. However, if you have multiple drains clogged, then there is likely a blocked or damaged sewer line.

Ignoring recurring clogs can lead to leaks that then cause damaged pipes that you may have to replace entirely, resulting in higher expenses. So, it’s crucial to locate all clogs and clear them quickly. This absolutely warrants a call to emergency plumbers.


Sewer Backup

Water pooling around basement floor drains, multiple drain clogs and gurgling sounds from plumbing fixtures are signs of a sewer system backup. A blocked main sewer line can carry grave effects requiring emergency plumbing services. Clogs can develop in your pipes, which can end up shutting down your sewer line and causing raw waste to back up through the drains into your yard.

A sewer line that backs up has the sewage sitting at its backup point, creating a health hazard that could endanger your family. It also prevents the ability to use the facilities or run water.


Sump Pump Failure

The sump pump lowers water levels in areas such as the basement to help prevent flooding and water buildup that can cause severe property damage. The sump pump system directs water from beneath your crawl space or basement into a sump pit. If the unit breaks down, your home risks severe water damage during heavy rains.

Signs of a failing sump pump include irregular cycling, strange noises or vibrations, and running continuously. It is necessary to call a plumber to remedy the problem immediately.


Broken Water Main

The water main connects the plumbing system in your home to the general water supply. Broken water mains can cause severe damage to your home and property if you do not detect them early enough to repair them. Aging of water lines causes them to be susceptible to the impacts of:

  • Ground movement
  • Tree root invasion
  • Thawing and freezing
  • Buildup of minerals

Noticing leaks in water mains can take some time as they are fixed beneath the ground. The signs of a damaged water main are wet portions across the yard, water bills would skyrocket (even with poor quality), and the water pressure dropping drastically too.


Burst Washing Machine Hose

One of the top reasons for home flooding and insurance claims is burst washing machine hoses, which usually require immediate addressing. Inspect that the hose has the correct connection and there is no drip or pool of water under or surrounding your washing machine. If present, a simple tightening job might fix it. Otherwise, call an emergency plumber before the water spreads.

Even in the absence of a flood, constantly leaking water can lead to notable water damage to your ceiling and walls.


Unknown Cause for Wet Spots

There is likely a leak somewhere when you discover huge wet spots in your yard in dry weather or when watering has not happened recently. The plumbing system to your home has an underground pipe that connects to the sewer. A crack in this pipe will cause wet or sunken areas across your lawn. Call an emergency plumber to avoid sewage bacteria pervading your grass and polluting your drinking water.


Frozen Water Pipes

It’s vital to protect your pipes from freezing. If they become fully frozen, they’ll likely burst and leak when it begins to unfreeze. You need to respond quickly if you suspect you have freezing water pipes. First, you should turn off your water and electric supply at the mains.


Gas Leaks

This is a very urgent emergency. Gas leaks can cause huge property damage and deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. You will know you have a gas leak:

  • If there is a reek of sulfurous odor in or around your home
  • If you hear a hissing sound from a natural gas source or pipe
  • If you encounter dead plants outside

While waiting for the plumber’s arrival, stand outdoors so you are not at risk of poisoning. Forget about lighting matches or using electrical devices (a spark can cause ignition).

If you think there is a gas leak, evacuate everyone and contact a plumber as quickly as possible.


No Hot Water

While no hot water may not seem like an emergency call, it may be that the hot water line leading out of the water heater has sprung a leak. If this is the case, then it indicates more major problems.

  1. Corrosion or damaged heating elements and valves can cause leaks.
  2. In rare cases, a leaking water heater may signal water pressure building up inside the tank which can lead to an explosion.
  3. If you have a tankless system, it may be that a heat exchanger failed.

Also, if your water heater is powered by gas, a lack of hot water could indicate a problem with your gas line. This danger should not be ignored as it could lead to a fire hazard.


Loss of Water Pressure

A slow decline in water pressure over time indicates a leak in your home, while a sudden drop in water pressure is a sign of a pipe rupture. Either way, it’s an excellent time to engage an emergency plumber before any more water waste or damage happens!


No Water Running

This can undoubtedly be considered a plumbing emergency if you turn on tap after tap and find no water running anywhere. When you do not have access to running water, it becomes something of a concern. Like a sewer backup, you can no longer engage with certain facilities, let alone clean or cook.

Potential reasons include clogs in the tap connection, corroded pipes, or old or poorly set water lines.


Freezing Showers

If you unexpectedly step into a freezing shower in the morning, check the rest of your taps to see if they will emit warm water. You may also want to see if anyone else has showered recently, using up the hot water supply in your water heater. If you cannot identify the source of the freezing water, it’s time to call an emergency plumber.

Contact Big Bear’s Plumbing Experts For Emergency Plumbing Services

Have you experienced a plumbing emergency recently? Contact Big Bear’s plumbing team of experienced professionals at Bear Valley Plumbing Heating & Air no matter when the emergency happens, and they will have your home covered as quickly as possible!

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